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Summit’s Phoenix gout specialists focus on gout pain relief, gout treatment, and symptom management.

If you experience frequent flares of gout pain or have struggled to lower your blood uric acid levels, our team at Summit Rheumatology offers gout treatment in-person or virtually throughout Arizona.

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Summit Rheumatology is an established Gout Center of Excellence for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of gout symptoms.

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Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions about gout and gout treatment. 

Patient Results

“I have been suffering with gout-related symptoms for many years. I’ve had extreme pain and swelling in all of my joints. I had elbows that looked like softballs and joints expanding with fluid. After dealing with a string of gout doctors, I happened across Dr. Panico through my primary doctor.

The initial appointments were exploratory, but she ultimately suggested infusible care as a possible solution to my symptoms. Her suggestion proved to be the most successful medication for me. KRYSTEXXA® has been my miracle treatment.

Dr. Panico is a fine member of your amazing group of professional practitioners at Summit Rheumatology. My positive experiences with her have given me the best success I’ve had in defeating gout.”

– Former patient

Meet Our Gout Specialists

Dr. Brittany Panico Rheumatology

Dr. Brittany Panico, DO

Chief of Rheumatology

Peter Hennis, NP

Phoenix Rheumatology Specialist

Rita Gonzalez, NP

Phoenix Rheumatology Specialist

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