Policies & Forms

New Patient:

We ask that new patients arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled time. This allows for verification of forms, insurance information, and any other items that are needed for your visit. Forms are available on our websites as well as your patient portal and can be completed prior to your appointment. Co-payment will be collected during your check-in.

We highly advise that you have an updated medication list with you for each visit and pill bottles for all prescribed medications.

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Return Visit:

We ask that patients returning to Summit Rheumatology arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time in order to update any information that may be needed. Please bring an updated medication list and pill bottles. Co-payment will be collected during check-in for each visit.

Late Arrival:

At Summit Rheumatology, we will do our very best to accommodate you if you are late to your appointment. We ask that you call if you know you are going to be late. If you are more than 10 minutes late to check in for your appointment, we may ask to reschedule your visit. This helps us serve our patients with the utmost respect for everyone’s time.

No Show Fees:

In order to provide the best and most timely care to our community, we ask that you provide our office with 48 hour’s notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you are hospitalized at the time of your visit, we will waive the fee. Otherwise, a fee of 50% of your office visit cost will be applied to your account for missing your appointment. This applies to both new and existing patients.

Refill Requests:

Please contact your pharmacy to issue an electronic request for medication refills. Refills will be discussed at each office visit as well. Please allow 2 business days to authorize a refill, possibly longer if your medication requires review of labs needed for monitoring. Refills will not be processed over weekends or holidays, so please plan accordingly. Refills of specialty medications may require longer than 2 days to authorize a refill.

If you are requesting that a medication is sent to a pharmacy other than your preferred pharmacy on file in your medical record, this may result in delays. Please be sure to indicate the appropriate pharmacy at each visit. Pharmacy coverage is often preferred by health insurance benefits and it will be the patient’s responsibility to know what pharmacy is in-network for their insurance.

Forms and Disability Determination:

Summit Rheumatology will ask that you are scheduled for an office visit or telemedicine visit in order to complete any form. This ensures that your forms are filled out properly and in a timely manner.

Our clinicians at Summit Rheumatology provide their expertise in clarifying diagnosis and developing treatment plans for patients with autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. We are not specialized in the process of disability determination. Therefore, we do not perform these evaluations nor complete forms related to disability determination. We will provide medical records to state or private entities that perform disability determination with proper consent.

Controlled Substances:

Summit Rheumatology does not prescribe controlled substances under any circumstance. This includes narcotics, medical marijuana authorization, or sleeping medications. Medical weight loss prescriptions are also not prescribed. If an appointment is scheduled with the intention of asking for a controlled substance, you will be directed toward our policy regarding this matter.

Zero Tolerance:

Summit Rheumatology is a safe place for our patients and staff. We will not tolerate, under any circumstances, aggressive behavior. This includes physical assault, verbal harassment, abusive or foul language, threats, or failure to respond to staff instructions. An incident of this sort will result in removal from our facility, discharge from our clinic and services, and possibly arrest. This policy applies to both in-office and telephone/online interactions.


Our visitor or companion policy will be posted and subject to change depending on local infectious disease risks. We ask that each patient brings no more than 1 visitor if possible.

Interpreter services are available upon request.

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